What is CNC machining?

Simply said that the use of digital control system in the machining machine tool to complete the processing of the whole parts, is a modern mean of processing. The use of NUMERICAL control processing technology can complete a lot of curved parts can not be completed before the processing, and the accuracy and precision of processing can be well guaranteed. In general, compared with traditional machining methods, CNC machining technology has the following advantages:

  1. High processing efficiency.

Complex surface can be machined by means of digital control. And the processing process is controlled by the computer, so the interchangeability of parts is strong, the processing speed is fast.

  1. High machining accuracy.

Compared with the traditional processing equipment, the CNC system optimizes the transmission device, improves the resolution, reduces the human error, so the efficiency of processing can be greatly improved.

  1. Low labor intensity.

Because of the use of automatic control mode, that is to say, the whole process of processing is completed by the NUMERICAL control system, not as cumbersome as the traditional means of processing, the operator in the numerical control machine tool work, only need to monitor the operation of the equipment. So the labor intensity is very low.

  1. Strong adaptability.

CNC machining system is like a computer, can be adjusted by adjusting some parameters to modify or change its operation mode, so the range of processing can be greatly expanded.

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